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Christina Rasmussen

Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 99 – The Temple World with Christina Rasmussen

November 27, 2019
 |  Chris Grosso

Author Christina Rasmussen joins the Indie Spiritualist for a conversation about her book on the afterlife and the many people she’s guided on their…

understanding racial conditioning

Ethan Nichtern – The Road Home – Ep. 29 – Understanding Racial Conditioning with Ruth King

November 25, 2019
 |  Ethan Nichtern

Dharma teacher and author Ruth King joins Ethan Nichtern for a conversation around diversity in spiritual communities, white privilege and guilt, and understanding racial…

Francesca Maximé - ReRooted - Ep. 19 - How We Relate with Terry Real

Francesca Maximé – ReRooted – Ep. 19 – How We Relate with Terry Real

November 25, 2019
 |  Francesca Maximé

Family therapist Terry Real joins Francesca Maximé for an exploration of how we relate to ourselves and others. Terry Real is an author, speaker…

Bhakti-Buddhist connection

Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 317 – The Bhakti-Buddhist Connection with Lama Surya Das

November 22, 2019
 |  Raghu Markus

Lama Surya Das and Raghu Markus share stories about their gurus as they explore the Bhakti-Buddhist connection, a meeting point of warm compassion and…

How To Make Any Service Role A Means of Creating Transformation

How To Make Any Service Role A Means of Creating Transformation

November 22, 2019
 |  Awakened Heart Blog, Service

Service Can Give or It Can Take…It’s Your Choice. When we think of service, we often consider it to be a type of job…

wise attention

Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 79 – Turning the Wheel of the Dharma: Wise Attention

November 21, 2019
 |  Joseph Goldstein

Joseph Goldstein illuminates the need to fix our wise attention to the five aggregates, which serves as a path to liberation from attachment to…

astral fun and games

Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 154 – Astral Fun and Games Pt. 1

November 20, 2019
 |  Ram Dass

In this blast from the past, Ram Dass is the ringmaster for some astral fun and games as he takes on miracles, psychedelic powers,…

David Nichtern - Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck - Ep. 5 - Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee

David Nichtern – Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck – Ep. 5 – You Can’t Serve From An Empty Plate w/ Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee

November 19, 2019
 |  David Nichtern

Yoga instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee join David for a conversation around nurturing creativity and integrating our spiritual calling with our livelihood….

gateways to presence

Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 40 – Gateways to Presence

November 19, 2019
 |  Ram Dev Dale Borglum

On this episode of Healing at the Edge, Dale talks about the practice of tantra, and how to use sensation and gratitude as gateways…


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