Konda Mason

Konda Mason Brown Rice Hour

Konda Mason’s Brown Rice Hour quilts a fabric of connection between Land, Race, Money, Culture & Spirit that engages with the most inspiring and cutting-edge thought leaders today, pointing toward our collective healing and liberation.

Konda Mason is a social entrepreneur, earth and social justice activist and spiritual teacher. Konda is the Co-Founder and founding CEO of Impact Hub Oakland, a beautiful co-working space that supports socially engaged entrepreneurs and changemakers. She is the Strategic Director of the Runway Project Oakland, a micro-lending fund for African American entrepreneurs intended to close the “Friends & Family” gap funding that is often unavailable to them. Additionally, Konda is the co-founder of the annual COCAP (Community Capital) conference in Oakland, with a focus on “Building the We Economy”. Konda is also a co-founder of Jubilee Partners, a new business of wisdom keepers and wealth holders, focused on joyfully preparing the next generation of investors to meet this moment and to defend the sacred.

Konda was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in 1982. Her love for Vipassana began in 1996, working with Jack Kornfield at the Vallecitos Retreat Center. She has been a regular yoga teacher at Spirit Rock starting in 1997, teaching many retreats including the annual Metta Retreat and many of the POC retreats.  Konda’s dharma training includes the East Bay Meditation Center Commit to Dharma program, Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader and she is currently in the 2020 Spirit Rock Teacher Training program. Konda has taught daylongs, retreats and workshops. She sits on the Boards of Directors of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, On Being with Krista Tippett, Good Work Institute and on the Advisory Board of the Namchak Foundation Learning Circles.

In addition to her spiritual pursuits, Konda is a social entrepreneur, earth, and social justice activist.  She is currently a co-founder of Jubilee Partners, a transformational direct investment business bringing together wealth holders and wisdom keepers to reorient around the meaning of money and create beautiful portfolios.