Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 48 – Friendships and Runanubandh

Focusing on the value of relationships, Robert Svoboda discusses genuine friendship and the concept of Runanubandh.

In satsang, we should come together and attempt to assist one another to go beyond our limitations. That’s what real friendship should be about. Devoting your attention and your energy, your life force, your prana, to extending yourself out to your friends to attempt to assist them to be able to live their lives better and more satisfactorily, more meaningfully, and investing some of your prana, investing some of your life force in order to do this.” Dr. Svoboda

This time on Living with Reality, Dr. Robert Svoboda lectures on:
  • True friendship and a familial connection
  • The root of the Sanskrit word for friend
  • Vimalananda and the quality of friendliness
  • Sangha, Satsang, and what real friendship is all about
  • Being mindful of who we associate with
  • Recognizing when our friendships are beneficial or not
  • Runanubandh and the karmic debts that may bring people together
  • Knowing when to end a relationship
  • Having patience when enduring a disconnection
  • The positive imprints from real friendships

“Ultimately, we have to go down to intuition. We really have to be in that place where we can feel the degree to which somebody is in our life, the degree to which somebody has become integrated into our lives, the degree to which that person needs to or deserves to be in our lives, and what we are going to do about it. There definitely are going to come moments when you’re going to realize that you have to allow someone to go, or you have to get someone to understand that there is nothing remaining between the two of you.” Dr. Svoboda