Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 37 – Hanuman Story Time

In this special Hanuman story time, Dr. Svoboda shares illuminating and heart opening stories of the service-oriented Hindu monkey deity, Sri Hanuman-ji.

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“Jaya Hanuman” Chant // Hanuman’s Birth & Background

Dr. Svoboda opens Hanuman story time by tuning to the essence of the devoted monkey deity by offering the resonant mantra, “Jaya Hanuman.” You can use these phonetics to chant along: “Jaya Hanuman, atibalavan / Rama-nama rasiyare / Prabhu mana basiyare.” To begin the session, he offers fruit to Hanuman, inviting him to sit and listen to the illuminating tales of Sri Rama. From here, bowing to his mentor, the Aghori Vimalanda, Dr. Svoboda opens the story portion by giving insight into Hanuman’s birth, background, attempt to eat the Sun, and first meeting with Rama.

“As is traditional when telling the story of the Ramayana, we specially invite Hanuman to come and sit, because that is the thing that he most likes to do. He likes to hear the Ramayana not because he wants to hear about his own story, but because he is focused always and eternally on Rama.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Hanuman’s Story in the Ramayana (15:15)

After sharing Hanuman’s initial meeting with Rama, Dr. Svoboda offers a telling of Hanuman’s story in the Ramayana, detailing the adventures which took place as he sang the praises of Sri Rama and helped him save his divine consort, Sita, from the demon king, Ravana.

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The Bridge to Lanka // Service, Devotion, & Hanuman as Eternal (44:00)

Continuing on with Hanuman’s tale from the Ramayana, Dr. Svoboda depicts the devotional magic of the floating bridge to Lanka, and the battles that would ensue when Ram and his friends entered Lanka to rescue Sita. From here, he talks about how Hanuman’s service and devotion to Ram makes him immortal and eternal. To close, he leads a “Jaya Hanuman” chant, opens to audience questions, and bows in reverence for Hanuman’s continued presence and devotion to Sri Rama.

“Hanuman is always ready to serve Rama, and if you invoke him in the name of Rama, he will always be willing to assist you to move your awareness further and further in the direction of Rama.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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