Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 35 – Daksha’s Yajna

Dr. Svoboda shares the Hindu mythological story of Daksha’s Yajna – the sacrifice of Daksha – involving the leela (play) of Shiva, Sati, & more. 

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Enter: Shiva, Sati, Brahma, & Daksha 

Dr. Svoboda opens this Hindu mythological tale by introducing us to Daksha, “the skilled one,” son of Brahma, the creator. Daksha—in this story representing righteousness, ego, and arrogance—is appalled to learn his beautiful daughter Sati has become romantically enthralled with the rather gnarly, dreadlocked, master of the Left Hand Path: Lord Shiva. In this section Dr. Svoboda outlines the play of Daksha in conniving to make sure his daughter would not marry Mahadev.

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Daksha’s Yajna (11:08)

After feeling he had lost his daughter, Sati, to Lord Shiva, and feeling he been made a fool of at Brahma’s Yajna (sacrifice), Daksha decides to throw a Yajna of his own, purposefully not inviting Shiva and Sati. Dr. Svoboda describes next the dialogue and “horse-head” leela (divine play) which came through the meeting of Daksha and the powerful Rishi Dadhichi. From here, Dr. Svoboda highlights what happens when Shiva and Sati show up to Daksha’s Yajna uninvited and an argument ensues, leading Sati to immolate herself in her own divine fire.

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Shiva’s Retribution // Shiva & Parvati (28:01)

Dr. Svoboda continues by sharing the aftermath of Sati’s immolation, shedding light on Shiva’s rage and retribution in his annihilation of Daksha and his Yajna, which left very few God’s and Goddesses unscathed. Following a Vedic rule, this left ‘Lord Shiva and gang’ to complete sacrifice. The twist was that Daksha was the OG MC for this hot event, so he would have to be brought back to life. Shiva; however, brought him back with the head of a goat—an animal which is usually sacrificed—so Daksha would always remember he was the real sacrifice of the ceremony. Next, Shiva, in finding the incinerated body of Sati, gets overwhelmed and wanders the universe in the throes of despair. Meanwhile, Sati is actually being reincarnated as the Goddess Parvati – whom Shiva marries, reuniting once again with his loving Shakti.

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Meanings & Diseases // Daksha, Rohini, & The Moon (38:01)

To close, Dr. Svoboda offers insight into various meanings of this potent mythological story, and how it connects with the various diseases we find on Earth in this current age. This leads him into sharing the story of Daksha, Rohini, and the Moon. To close, he offers deep wisdom, sharing how it’s always important to be in communion with the Supreme Reality. Om Namah Shivaya.

“If you’re trying too much to be too holy, you’re going to get in trouble.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda