RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 102 – The Relationship Between Devotion, Self-Compassion and Compassion for Others

Concentrating on devotion, RamDev describes healing feelings of inadequacy and holding a deep compassion for the self and others.

“If we really think about devotion, it’s letting go of attachment to self and becoming attached to God.” – RamDev

This week on Healing at the Edge, RamDev teaches us about:
  • Devotion as the easiest way to open the heart
  • Self-worth and offering Compassion to ourselves
  • Trusting that everything is the Dharma unfolding
  • Becoming attached to God and Surrendering the false self
  • Intimacy with our teachings and guru via devotion
  • The relative deity versus the absolute deity
  • An evolution into Tantric devotion
  • Receiving grace in every moment
  • The four heavenly abodes in Buddhism and their enemies
  • Our tendency to be bothered and taking responsibility
  • A brief self-compassion and mindfulness practice
  • Imperfection as a part of the shared human experience
  • A quick Q and A with listeners on keeping an open heart and more

“The far enemy of love is hatred, but the near enemy of love is attachment. It looks like love, it smells like love, but it causes suffering. Very often our love, which we can extend here to our devotion, is a mixture of true love and attachment.” – RamDev

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