RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 49 – The Grounding Breath

grounding breath

RamDev gives a dharma talk about cultivating enough faith to face things as they are, and leads a meditation centered on the power of the grounding breath.

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Faith in Practice

What do you have faith in? RamDev explores the heart channel of healing, which is one of trust and faith. He talks about having faith in spiritual practice itself, and how that process can open us up to face all things as they are, including difficult circumstances and emotions.

“Is it possible to be with that fear in a way that we create some spaciousness around it instead of really buying into it as a real thing?” – RamDev

Joseph Goldstein talks about how to work skillfully with fear on Insight Hour Ep. 87
Consciousness and Death (21:06)

Does consciousness survive death? RamDev explores how our ego structure deals with the fear of death, and how we have to balance the finite and the infinite qualities of being. He talks about opening up to being with pain and suffering, and the importance of finding the spacious quality of life.

“If we start focusing more on the gap, on the space, then it sometimes is easier to begin to get, in a very immediate, intimate way, the sacred nature of things.” – RamDev

The Grounding Breath (37:57)

RamDev talks about the importance of somatic work to balance life on the spiritual path. He leads a meditation centered on the power of the grounding breath. The grounding breath is the quickest way to be present in our lives.

“What does it feel like to be grounded? Feeling connected, your legs, your feet, connected to the Earth. The Earth that is offering abundant support. The energy that allows you to thrive in this next moment, regardless of content.” – RamDev

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grounding breath


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