RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 48 – Opportunities for Practice

opportunities for practice

In this special session for the Ram Dass Fellowship, RamDev talks about how the Covid-19 pandemic is uncovering so many opportunities for practice.

Links from the episode: Ram Dass Fellowship | Living/Dying Project | Tonglen Practice
Opportunities for Practice

RamDev opens by exploring some of the opportunities for practice that lie within the Covid-19 pandemic. He talks about how it can be spiritually enriching to face death head on, rather than avoiding the subject. He answers questions from the online audience about working with Qi energy, and the stages of spiritual development.

“Is it possible to use uncertainty not as something that’s a problem or something that we’re getting tight in relationship to, but as bringing juice to our life, as bringing excitement, in a certain way?” – RamDev

RamDev explores confronting death in Healing on the Edge Ep. 9
It’s All the Mother (30:41)

RamDev takes more questions about grief, forgiveness, suffering, compassion, and working with death. He explores Tonglen practice, and talks about the concept of non-duality and dying into oneness.

“Can we be mindful of where we’re lost in grief? Can we have compassion for that place in ourselves? And can we then realize that it’s all Maharajji, it’s all the Mother.” – RamDev

Trauma as Grace (59:40)

RamDev answers more questions about death and forgiveness. He talks about how trauma can be viewed as grace, the power of surrender, and ends the session with a powerful guided meditation.

“Practice is more about receiving grace, allowing, surrendering, and getting beyond doing.” – RamDev

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opportunities for practice


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