Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 534 – Expanding Our Notions of Love with Satish Kumar

Expanding our notions of love to a universal state, ecologist and peace-pilgrim, Satish Kumar, joins Raghu to talk about his new book, Radical Love.

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“As gravity holds the material world together, love holds the non-material, metaphysical, spiritual world together.” – Satish Kumar

This time on Mindrolling, Satish and Raghu journey through these topics:
  • How Gandhi was a great influence on Satish’s life
  • Loving people with whom we do not agree
  • The ultimate love, knowledge, and heroism we receive from our mothers
  • The feminine motherly quality we can find in gurus
  • Satish’s experience in the Jain tradition
  • Negative consequences from materialism, consumerism, and the industrial way of life
  • Pollution, global warming, and harm to bio-diversity as our collective karma
  • Why everyone should take a Hippocratic oath
  • Remembering we are all human beings and can all practice love as our primary religion
  • Science, gravity, and the capacity to understand the non-physical reality
  • How love holds together the spiritual world
  • Unilateral love and not waiting to love another until they love us
  • Gandhi’s concept of Sarvodaya, or the uplifting of every living being without exception
About Satish Kumar:

Satish Kumar is a peace-pilgrim, ecologist, life-long activist and former monk who has been inspiring global change for over 50 years. A world-renown author and international speaker, Satish founded The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity that seeks to inform and inspire a just future for all. Satish has been the guiding spirit behind several other internationally respected ecological and educational ventures. He co-founded Schumacher College which he continues to serve as a Visiting Fellow. He appears regularly on podcasts and on radio and television shows and continues to teach, run workshops, and write about reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity. Check out Satish’s book offerings HERE.

“Do no harm to yourself, do no harm to other people, do no harm to nature. That is the Hippocratic oath a doctor takes. I would like to suggest that everybody should take that. Politicians should take that. Scientists should take that. Economists should take that. Business and industrial leaders should take that. Do no harm. If you do no harm to yourself, and you do no harm to other people, and you do no harm to nature, then you can have a more positive karma. The consequence will be a more harmonious relationship, and a more peaceful world, and a better relationship among all humans.” – Satish Kumar

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