Mindrolling – Ep. 01 – Early Days

early days

The first podcast traces the history of the waking up process for the two hosts through culture and intensified awareness – the sixties are the engine of the movement towards consciousness, via the Vietnam War,  psychedelics, music, community.  David and Raghu look back on “going through the changes” emerging from the repressive atmosphere of the early days of the sixties into the radical, healing effects of the Beat Generation, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Early inner and outer encounters with Transcendental Meditation, the Hare Krishna movement and Meher Baba are explored, plus willing aping of the behavior of icons John Lennon, George Harrison and Pete Townshend.  The podcast parallels the experiences and learning curves of the sixties/seventies and those of the present.

To hear more about Raghu’s first trip to India, after meeting Ram Dass, listen to Here & Now.
Photo via Studio Donovon