Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 516 – Interconnectivity and the Code of Life with Dr. Bruce Damer

Pairing science and mysticism, Astrobiologist Dr. Bruce Damer visits Mindrolling for a sweeping discussion on the interconnected nature of the world.

“In order for cells to learn how to create another, they have to try and try again and fail. The only environment they can do that in is in a collective, in a supportive community progenitor.” – Dr. Bruce Damer

This week on Mindrolling, Raghu Markus and Dr. Bruce Damer dig into:
  • Interconnected fields within nature
  • Group connection and relationship
  • Patterned memory in space
  • Ancestral memories, spirit, and the research of phenomena
  • “Becoming the experience” and playing with thought experiments
  • Albert Einstein and scientific mysticism
  • Collective intelligence and receiving downloads
  • The operating system of the living world
  • Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba, and mystical stories
  • Moving beyond the logical mind and tapping into possibilities
  • Group field as the antidote to separation, fear, and anxiety
  • The efficacy of psychedelic medicine
  • The revealing that comes after individual healing
  • Dr. Bruce Damer’s experience on Ayahuasca
  • Death writing the code of life
  • Embodiment and the ‘gooeyness’ of being human

“The common ancestor of all life is not a little, individual, primitive cell that is duking it out alone in the universe. It is actually a communal mass that is a body in growth, a body in adaptation.” – Dr. Bruce Damer

About Dr. Bruce Damer:

Dr. Bruce Damer is Chief Scientist at BIOTA Institute, UC Santa Cruz. He is an astrobiologist working on the science of life’s origins, spacecraft design, psychedelics and genius. Dr. Bruce has spent his life pursuing two great questions: how did life on Earth begin, and how can we give that life (and ourselves) a sustainable pathway into the cosmos? A decade of scientific research with his collaborator Prof. David Deamer at the UC Santa Cruz Department of Biomolecular Engineering resulted in the Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life published in the journal Astrobiology in 2019. Dr. Damer also has a long career working with NASA on mission simulation and design and recently co-developed a spacecraft to utilize resources from asteroids. You can keep up with Dr. Bruce Damer on Twitter.

Graphic via sdecoret
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