Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 505 – Amplifying Psychedelics with Paul Austin & Gagan (Jared) Levy

Paul Austin joins Gagan (Jared) Levy and Raghu Markus in a discussion about the origins of psychedelics in Western culture.

Together they delve into the third wave of psychedelics and explore methods to enhance their effects through practices like microdosing and spirituality.

“We live in that age where there is that performance enhancement side of microdosing and there’s kind of that cumulative effect of healing past trauma, but then there’s this other part of psychedelics – which is the divine.” Gagan (Jared) Levy

In this episode of the Mindrolling Podcast, Paul Austin, Gagan (Jared) Levy, and Raghu explore:
  • Paul Austin’s Calvinistic upbringing
  • Cannabis, Rebelling, and awe-inspiring experiences with psychedelics
  • Moving from atheism to spirituality
  • Psychedelic literacy and paradigm shifts
  • Heroic ingestion of hallucinogens versus microdosing
  • Having the right set and setting when using psychedelics
  • Propaganda and the western lineage with plant medicine
  • The Eleusinian Mysteries
  • LSD and the cultural context of the 1960’s
  • The internet and computers as a result of psychedelics
  • Indigenous roots and a remembrance of the primal self
  • Trip-sitting and being a guide through the psychedelic experience
  • Intention & presence as a critical part of microdosing
  • The necessary spiritual practices for psychedelic integration

“If there was one thing I could focus on, it would be psychedelic literacy. If we could pull one lever that would help us to address and adapt to our current context and situation, it would be amplifying the power of psychedelics to not only heal but transform our relationship with our environment. And in that help us to create a new paradigm then instead of being rooted in separation, instead it is rooted in interconnectedness.” – Paul Austin

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About Paul Austin:

Paul Austin, the founder of Third Wave, is an entrepreneur, author, and coach, who sees psychedelic use as a skill, cultivated through clear intention, supportive mentorship, and courageous exploration. Mastering this skill is crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution. Read more about the third wave of psychedelics on Thirdwave.co and keep up with Paul on Instagram.

About Gagan (Jared) Levy:

As former Co-chair of Social Venture Circle, one of the country’s most prestigious impact investor and social business communities, he leads the way to a next economy that is regenerative, just and prosperous for all. As a current board member to his prolific teacher Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation, he has been instrumental in strategizing how to connect the greatest wisdom keepers of our time to a new generation. 

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