Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 502 – Conscious Living, Conscious Dying with Carol Sanford & Gagan (Jared) Levy

Bestselling author Carol Sanford and Gagan (Jared) Levy sit down with Raghu Markus for an insightful conversation about transforming our cultural perception of death and infusing consciousness into all aspects of life.

Carol Sanford has been an inspirational catalyst and guide, helping change agents and businesses around the world realize their aspirations to make a difference. Now she needs our help!
Last fall, Carol learned that the cause of a suite of mysterious symptoms she’d been dealing with was amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease)—an inexorably debilitating, ultimately fatal disease. Each month brings changing and expanding needs for multi-specialist medical attention, home retrofitting, access to 24-hour caregivers, special transportation for care, and increasingly sophisticated adaptive technologies and equipment to enable basic life functions – much of which is not covered by insurance.
Carol’s incredible capacity for caring and giving has been a hallmark of her life. The Be Here Now Network asks that you consider making a donation to help make Carol’s care possible. On behalf of all of us who love her, thank you in advance for anything that you can contribute to support Carol and her family through this challenging time: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY

“I believe we need to change people’s worldview of death and dying and what its purpose is.” – Carol Sanford

In this episode, Raghu and his guests discuss:
  • Opening up our worldview by recognizing the paradigms that are in place
  • The concepts of conscious living and conscious dying
  • Transforming the way we think and talk about the stages of dying
  • Bringing mindfulness into the workplace

“What’s really needed right now is a major culture shift around how we look at death and know overall, it’s like we’re afraid to talk about it. It’s the one thing we all share that we’re all marching towards. We’re all walking each other home, yet we don’t talk about it.” – Gagan Levy

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About Carol Sanford:

Carol Sanford is a consistently recognized disruptor and contrarian working side by side with Fortune 500 and new economy executives in designing and leading systemic business change and design. Through her university and in-house educational offerings, global speaking platforms, best-selling multi-award-winning books, and human development work, Carol works with executive leaders who see the possibility to change the nature of work through developing people and work systems that ignite motivation everywhere.

Learn more at carolsanford.com
About Gagan (Jared) Levy:

As former Co-chair of Social Venture Circle, one of the country’s most prestigious impact investor and social business communities, he leads the way to a next economy that is regenerative, just and prosperous for all. As a current board member to his prolific teacher Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation, he has been instrumental in strategizing how to connect the greatest wisdom keepers of our time to a new generation. 

Learn more at WEAREGURU
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