Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 478 – You Are The Universe with Amy Buetens & Julie Weinstein

Discussing their book You Are The Universe, Amy Buetens and Julie Weinstein join Raghu to talk about Ram Dass in the next generation.

You Are The Universe is an impactful guidebook, chronicling the unconventional journey and self-discovery of Ram Dass, one of the world’s most beloved spiritual teachers. Sourced from five decades of recordings, Ram Dass shares his life story and transformative teachings in his own words with honesty and humor. These teachings from Ram Dass offer teens and adults of all ages life-altering inspiration for understanding universal truths, navigating their unique paths with compassion and awareness, and living a meaningful life. Vibrant hand-drawn and water-colored images illustrate Ram Dass’s captivating story of transformation. You Are The Universe offers an accessible perspective on our world through Ram Dass’s eyes, and explores timeless answers for today’s most urgent questions.

Grab your copy of You are the Universe HERE

The work that we have been doing for over two decades in death and dying or in social activism really stems from the foundation of karma yoga: devotion and service. For us that is the spot of focus, the north star.” – Julie Weinstein


In this episode Amy Buetens, Julie Weinstein, and Raghu explore:
  • Writing You are the Universe
  • The benefits of having positive role models
  • Amy & Julie’s experience living at an ashram
  • Funky authenticness
  • The importance of fellowship
  • Stumbling down the Bhakti path
About Amy Buetens:

Amy Buetens is an artist, illustrator and art educator. She is a certified integrative thanatologist and death educator. Her work includes performing final rites of passage, and she serves as a leader in her Jewish burial society. She has been a dedicated student of Ram Dass for over 20 years, and is a co-leader for the Love Serve Remember Foundation’s International Women’s Satsang and leads her local Ram Dass Fellowship.

About Julie Weinstein:

Julie Weinstein’s professional career is devoted to advancing environmental and social justice. She also serves as both a Jewish and Buddhist chaplain in the jails, within the justice movement and for people experiencing loss, grief and trauma. She is a death educator, burial society leader, and artist, and is pursuing ordination as a rabbi. She’s been practicing Ram Dass’s teachings for over two decades, and co-leads community initiatives for the Love Serve Remember Foundation.

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