Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 321 – Rewriting Our Scripts with Duncan Trussell and Dr. Robert Svoboda

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 321 - Rewriting Our Scripts with Duncan Trussell and Dr. Robert Svoboda

Duncan Trussell and Dr. Robert Svoboda join Raghu for a conversation about karma and rewriting our false narratives.

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Nobody Special

What does it mean to “become nobody”? Duncan and Raghu talk about the theme of the recently released film about Ram Dass’s life, Becoming Nobody, and discuss different ways that we can think about approaching our relationship with identity.

 “Through total attention, there is the true ‘nobody.’ Only then can you serve anybody.” – Raghu Markus  

Rewriting Our Scripts (10:30)

The group looks at how mindfulness can be used as a tool to help us rewrite the many narratives we have developed about ourselves and the world we walk through. Dr. Svaboda talks about the teachings of Swami Vimilinanda and his unique method for working with identity and karma. Raghu and his guests explore the games that some spiritual teachers play with their students in order for greater truths to be revealed.

Karma and the Movie of Me (37:00)

Dr. Robert Svoboda explores the role that karma plays in our worldview and the stories that we tell ourselves. He examines some of the different teachings and perspectives on karma and how we might work with it.

“Why should you choose to experience only your bad karmas and not take advantage of the good?” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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