Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 335 – Courage, Trust, and Love with Ram Dass and Duncan Trussell

courage, trust, and love

In this special session from the 2015 Spring on Maui Retreat, Ram Dass and Duncan Trussell join Raghu Markus for a playful and thought-provoking conversation on courage, trust, and love.

Courage, Trust, and Love

This is a truly special blast from the past, as it was Duncan’s very first time on stage with Ram Dass! Raghu and Ram Dass talk about how the courage to care came from their guru, Neem Karoli Baba. They explore how important trust is on the spiritual path, and Duncan asks Ram Dass about loving the parts of ourselves we feel are unworthy of love.

“The soul witnesses the incarnation, and witnesses your thoughts. So as you’re witnessing the thought from the soul, [you see] that thought is not gonna get me to God. Then, from my soul, I love that thought. If it’s a real bad thought, I love it to death.” – Ram Dass

RamDev reflects on trusting in the heart of compassion on Healing at the Edge Ep. 28
The Trust to Surrender (24:55)

Ram Dass, Duncan, and Raghu talk more about trust, and what it took for Ram Dass to surrender so completely to his guru. Ram Dass explores planes of consciousness, and tells the story of how Be Here Now came to fruition. 

“It was in between the words that the trust happened. I felt connected in a way that I couldn’t understand intellectually.” – Raghu Markus

A Meditation on Love (50:48)

Raghu asks Duncan to share his experience with how a simple act of service impacted his life. They each read a poem dedicated to the subject of love, then Ram Dass leads a wonderful meditation centered on love. He ends with a reminder that no matter how thick the filter of our karma is, we all still radiate love.

“We are immersed in love, outside and inside. And you can radiate love from your inside to all of us, to the planet, to the universe. Everyone of us counts in this effort.” – Ram Dass

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Images via Mary Godschalk