Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 295 – An Honest Journey with Anne Lamott, Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes

honest journey

Live from the 5th Annual “Spring on Maui” Retreat, Raghu Markus is joined on stage by Anne Lamott, Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes for a conversation around practices and perspectives that we can use to pursue our journey of awakening with an honest heart.

Extraordinary Influence

Duncan reads a letter from a young fan which leads to a conversation about the extraordinary influence of Ram Dass’s teachings. Duncan shares an honest reflection on the ways that his life has been transformed by Ram Dass, the supportive community around him, and how he pays that love forward. The group discusses the challenges of integrating concepts like emptiness, equanimity and unconditional love without falling into the traps of the ego.

An Honest Journey (22:55)

Our group discusses being authentic along our journey of awakening and growth. They talk about moving beyond our egos in relationships and meeting one another as souls.

“When we have found our true identity, chances are you are not going to lie. Chances are you are not going to steal or cheat or be hurtful or ugly. It is a beautiful thing to be moral. But it is even more beautiful to be moral as a representation of something that has occurred inside.” – Pete Holmes   

Understanding Emptiness (35:10)

How can we better integrate some of the difficult concepts, both in understanding and actualization, that are necessary for us to get free? Our group explores the complex but essential concept of emptiness as it relates to our inner life. Anne shares her approach to opening to her true self.

“The perspective that we are seeing everything is from this very comfy place of habitual patterns. The idea is that emptiness is empty of that place. Getting to a place where you understand, at least at first, that this is not who you are.” – Raghu Markus 

What’s the Deal with Maharaj-ji? (55:50)

Raghu speaks to those who are attracted to Ram Dass, his teachings, and community but who don’t have context for his guru, Maharaj-ji, who made it all possible. He shares a story about this beloved Baba from the village of Neem Karoli which offers a glimpse into why Maharaj-ji has become so special to so many. Anne speaks to the essence of unconditional love that Maharaj-ji shares with the likes of Jesus of Galilee and Gautama Buddha and the countless shepherds of souls like them that have walked the Earth. Our group closes with a conversation around service and devotion and how they lead to the place of emptiness.

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  Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 295 - An Honest Journey with Anne Lamott, Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes   Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 295 - An Honest Journey with Anne Lamott, Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes

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