Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 542 – Naturally Arising Compassion with RamDev Dale Borglum

RamDev, host of Healing at the Edge podcast, joins Raghu for a conversation on compassion and openness of the heart.

“In Buddhism, they say that when the mind is totally awakened, naturally arising compassionate activity occurs. You don’t have to try to be compassionate, you are compassion. Compassion is not even an emotion, it’s a state of openness of the heart in relationship to suffering.” – RamDev

This week on Mindrolling, RamDev and Raghu discuss:
  • RamDev’s background in mathematics and recognizing patterns
  • How people in the West are not as embodied as in the East
  • The first three chakras of fear, guilt, and shame
  • Psychedelics and other dimensions of reality
  • Going beyond separateness
  • Compassion and non-dual practices
  • Taming the monkey-mind
  • Sub ek and quantum entanglement
  • Stories about Maharaj-ji’s mystical existence
  • Hope for the future and allowing our hearts to be vulnerable
  • A meditation around inclusivity through compassion

“Think of what Gandhi did, think of what Martin Luther King did, think of what Nelson Mandela did, in very harsh conditions. Maybe it’s going to be my son, maybe it’s going to be your son. In this younger generation, there are some really incredibly beautiful people. It just takes one being to change the course of history.” – RamDev

About RamDev:

Dale Borglum is the founder and Executive Director of The Living/Dying Project. He is a pioneer in the conscious dying movement and has worked directly with thousands of people with life-threatening illness and their families for over 30 years. In 1981, Dale founded the first residential facility for people who wished to die consciously in the United States, The Dying Center. He has taught and lectured extensively on the topics of spiritual support for those with life-threatening illness, on caregiving as a spiritual practice, and on healing at the edge, the edge of illness, of death, of loss, of crisis. Check out RamDev’s podcast, Healing at the Edge, on the Be Here Now Network.

Learn more about The Living/Dying Project at livingdying.org
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