Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 357 – I Am Not That with Tezra and Koa

Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 357 – I Am Not That with Tezra and Koa

Tezra and Koa from the I Am Not That Podcast join Raghu to share their spiritual catalysts, explore victimhood vs empowerment in allyship, and talk self-inquiry and forgiveness.

Tezra and Koa are the hosts of the ‘I AM Not that’ podcast, an exploration of how to become liberated from our limiting thoughts, ideals and beliefs, and reclaim our unlimited power of potentiality. They join Raghu to share their own unique sparks of finding the spiritual path, along with their personal journeys in embodying this uncovered wisdom. After sharing their synchronistic story of falling in love, Tezra and Koa dive into the intention behind their podcast, explain the difference between a well-wisher and an ally, and offer advice for self-inquiry and spiritual liberation.

Liberating the Self from the Self

Raghu invites Tezra and Koa to share the catalysts that brought them onto the spiritual path. While both of them came to find spirituality and self-inquiry through immensely deep and rich varied personal experiences, the universe brought them together in shared interest and synchronicity to offer their stories and wisdom to help liberate our “large self” from the constricting box of our “small self.”

“That’s when I realized that it wasn’t just one guy who was gifted at mental connections and being able to read minds.  We are sharing thought energy all the time whether we realize it or not, and you’re able to exercise that muscle and be in tune with it.”– Koa

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Empowerment vs Victimhood (32:00)

Tezra and Koa explain the difference between a “well-wisher” and an “ally” in relation to empowerment and victimhood in the ongoing fight for racial justice. An “ally” always gets on your side, but only further confirms and embellishes the victim mentality, while a “well-wisher” aids you in self-inquiry, empowering you to your greatest self. This process of self-inquiry cultivates freedom, strength, and power, which is what Tezra and Koa hope to share with communities through their podcast.

“In our community it’s not talked upon at all. We have so much rich spiritual teaching in this country right now, but certain communities still are not exposed to it, or it’s still not being brought to them. So, what ‘I AM Not that’ podcast wants to do, is bring it – bring the teachings, bring that awareness.” – Tezra

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I Am Not That (40:50)

Illuminating the meaning and intention behind starting their podcast, Tezra and Koa explain that “I AM Not that” means that you are not that limited person that others try to convince you to be. You are not a victim of circumstance, where you live, or you financial bracket. You don’t have to be those things. The process is about learning how to not identify with external circumstances, fully accepting that you are so much bigger than that.

“When you realize that you’re bigger than that, then you can begin to rewrite it, redirect it, transform it into something bigger and better, something that fits more of what you desire in your life.” – Tezra

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