Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 81 – The Relationship of Dukkha and Non-Self

relationship of dukkha and non-self

On this episode of Insight Hour, Joseph Goldstein explores how understanding the relationship of dukkha and non-self can help open the doorway to greater freedom.

Movement Masks Dukkha

How can we come to a more deeply felt understanding of what non-self means? Joseph begins by examining the relationship of non-self and dukkha. He talks about the afflictive nature of physical elements, and how movement masks dukkha

“Understanding the truth of non-self is really not obvious at all, and it’s almost counterintuitive.” – Joseph Goldstein

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Reflections on Identification and Attachment (23:55)

Joseph explores the second aspect of dukkha in relation to non-self, which is that the physical elements are ungovernable. He offers several reflections from the Buddha designed to help break the powerfully conditioned identification and attachment with the body.

“The elements of the body are ungovernable, we don’t have control over these things. It’s not that it’s chaotic, everything is happening lawfully. It’s just that we haven’t made the laws.” – Joseph Goldstein

The Rainbow of Self (39:53)

How can non-self ultimately be liberating? Joseph illuminates the radical freedom of abandoning what is not yours. He talks about how a strong sense of self also happens when you identify with thoughts and emotions, but what we call self is really as illusory as a rainbow.

“Through our practice, we can begin to understand self as being like a rainbow. It’s a pattern, a recognizable pattern, of mental and physical elements, working in certain way together. But they don’t belong to anyone.” – Joseph Goldstein

relationship of dukkha and non-self

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