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Beloved Buddhist

It’s the best of the Buddhists on Mindrolling! Raghu shares a collection of thought-provoking conversations with some of his beloved Buddhist teachers.

This episode of Mindrolling is a compilation of Raghu’s conversations with some of the many beloved Buddhist teachers who have appeared on the show over the years. These words of wisdom are meant to help cultivate the part of ourselves that is fundamentally kind, caring, compassionate, and loving.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche on Awareness and Practice

Raghu speaks with Tibetan teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche about forming a friendship with the concept of taking on the many challenges of life.

“We all have this awareness with us… never separate. And this awareness is pure, present, calm. It’s like sky. The sky is always there. Always free, pure. But then there’s a lot of clouds in the sky.” – Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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Sharon Salzberg on the Eightfold Path and Dharma (10:22)

Raghu talks with Metta Hour podcast host Sharon Salzberg about getting real, and right and wrong on the Eightfold Path. They explore the concept of dharma and how it’s about being in touch with some authentic part of yourself.

 “Actions are consequential. The ‘wrong’ is a matter of pain, it’s not a matter of one’s inherent goodness. When we do things or cultivate traits or habits that cause more and more suffering to ourselves and to others, there’s a wrongness there.” – Sharon Salzberg

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Robert Thurman on the Seeds of Karma (26:46)

Raghu and Tibetan Buddhism Professor Robert Thurman get to the core of getting real and karma, which Robert defines as evolutionary action.

“Buddha wants you to get real and take responsibility for your mind.” – Robert Thurman

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Lama Surya Das on Reincarnation (36:22)

Raghu asks Awakening Now podcast host Lama Surya Das to walk us through his thoughts on reincarnation and rebirth.

“The notion of karma, because it’s individual and collective, whether we’re reborn in the way we think, just like changing your clothes and the next day the same person goes on, or it’s a much more mysterious process of luminosity and light-body English that continues like a ripple in a current going downstream where all the water molecules are changing but the ripple in the current continues to be a discernible going in a certain direction, I think that’s not a bad understanding of rebirth. That what we’ve set in motion now continues.” – Lama Surya Das

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Robert Svoboda on Tantra (40:20)

Raghu speaks with Dr. Robert Svoboda about the practice of Tantra and why there is no substitute for a guru or teacher to show you the path.

“What Tantra is saying is you can actively choose to guide the weaving of yourself with the help of the benevolent forces in the universe that are trying to encourage humans to move in the right direction. The process of doing that is called Tantra.”  – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Mark Epstein on Emptiness (47:47)

Raghu speaks with Dr. Mark Epstein about psychological concept emptiness versus the more ‘blissful’ Tibetan Buddhist concept of emptiness.

“There’s something to be said for just making room for a little bit of emptiness and realizing that might be a doorway, or an opening, or a spark of something greater.” – Dr. Mark Epstein

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Gelek Rimpoche on the Confluence of Heart and Mind (55:02)

Raghu and Gelek Rimpoche, a reincarnated Tulku, talk about the confluence of heart and mind and how it can be applied in daily life.

What do we perceive when are focusing on mind? Virtually nothing. Looks like looking in the middle of space, sky… It’s just a blank.”  – Gelek Rimpoche

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Check back for another compilation of Mindrolling’s beloved Buddhist teachers soon!

Beloved Buddhists

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