Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 226 – Understanding Dharma and Karma with Lama Surya Das

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 226 - Reality and Karma with Lama Surya Das

This week, Raghu is joined by Lama Surya Das for a conversation about how we approach reality and karma.

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Show Notes

Getting Real with Dzogchen (Opening) – Lama Surya Das talks about getting real with our internal narratives. He shares Dzogchen teachings and practices that address our need to see things as they are, instead of seeing them through our own filters.

“One of the main Dzogchen instructions is to see everything as it is. Getting real means ‘as it is’ – at ease – as it is right now. Seeing it as it is, not as you are – through your own filters. The practice comes in leaving it as is.” – Lama Surya Das

What’s Your Practice? (8:30) – It’s one thing to say that we all need a regular personal practice, but what does that look like exactly? Lama Surya Das shares his daily practices and how they help him be in the moment, as it is.

Understanding Dharma and Karma (16:45) – Raghu and Lama Surya Das talk about the role of dharma and karma in getting real. Lama Surya Das discusses the Buddha’s teachings around recognizing the interconnectedness of all karma.

“I want to highlight, relevant to getting real, the authenticity around Dharma. You have to be in alignment with yourself, to have integrity with yourself as we say in the modern era. It doesn’t mean everything is in perfect harmony, but it is more in line with how things could and should be.”  – Lama Surya Das

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The Root of Self-Identification (29:00) –Lama Surya Das discusses the way that truly being in the moment gets at the root of self-identification.

“Dzogchen awareness is a ‘nowness’ awareness. So when you let go of the ‘selfing’ process of remembering the past, future and present identity there is no cause and effect; there is no karma there. It is like the boat going down the river with no oarsman.”  – Lama Surya Das

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Clearing the Karmic Ledger (36:20) – You can’t talk about karma without considering reincarnation. Raghu and Lama Surya Das explore what might happen when we die and how that effects what we do now.

Minding our Intention (43:00) – When it comes to karma, we need to bring both right action and right intention to the table. Lama Surya Das share’s the Buddha’s teachings around the role of intention and action in our karma.

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