Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 120 – A Course in Mind Training with Gary Renard

Bestselling author, Gary Renard, joins Chris to discuss training the mind, Jesus' and Buddha's lifetimes together, and how to communicate with the Holy Spirit.

Bestselling author, Gary Renard, joins Chris to discuss training the mind, Jesus’ and Buddha’s lifetimes together, and how to communicate with the Holy Spirit.

Gary R. Renard is the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, Love Has Forgotten No One, and the newly released The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other. Gary is a winner of the Infinity Foundation Spirit Award, among the likes of Ram Dass, Byron Katie, and Neale Donald Walsch; and has been featured on Gaia TV‘s, “Open Minds.” Combining a disarming sense of humor with radical, cutting-edge metaphysical information and experiential exercises, Gary is well versed and well traveled in the spiritual community. For more info visit

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles states, “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.” This epiphany would be a major theme and turning point in the life of Gary Renard. Undergoing a series of spiritual awakenings, Gary was able to turn his life of depression into a life of joy, love, and spiritual offerings. Highlighting the importance of adopting a ‘thought system,’ Gary speaks to the inherent power of disciplined thoughts and a well-trained mind, coupled with an openness to signs and miracles.

“The Holy Spirit thinks in terms of perfect Oneness; the ego thinks in terms of seperation.” – Gary Renard

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Communicating, Ego & Holy Spirit (19:00)

Explaining how our egos–wrapped up with our bodies and senses–trap us in a limited ‘dream world’ of seperation, Gary describes how the Holy Spirit must take on form–subtle or gross–in order to communicate with individuals wrapped up in their ego identities.

“The Holy Spirit has to take on some kind of a form to communicate with us. Usually, that is going to come to us in the form of ideas. Ideas have a shape and a form. Once in a while, it takes on a more specific form: an angel, the Virgin Mary if you’re religious, a Saint if you’re in South America…It really is a cultural thing.” –Gary Renard

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Channeling, Jesus & Buddha (27:37)

Exploring the intention behind his new book, The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other, Gary describes the channeled communications which gave him visionary access to the lifetimes Jesus and Buddha shared incarnated together. He explains that the reason they were so advanced spiritually in these incarnations, was because they didn’t ‘buy into the dream.’ Rather, they were skeptical about this world of duality, trading it for the perfect love of Oneness.

“True enlightenment is about awakening from the dream and realizing the world is not being done to you; the world is being done by you. If the world is being done to you; you’re a victim. If this world were done by God; then you’d be a victim of God. But fortunately, God doesn’t have anything to do with the world [of differences.] Why? Because God is perfect love; and perfect love doesn’t do differences…

…If you remove the blocks to the awareness, the experience of your perfect oneness with God will slowly but surely dawn on your mind. You’ll become aware that you are in heaven, and instead of the body being your primary experience, your primary experience will shift to what you really are: God.” – Gary Renard

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