Dr. Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 10 – Omens

Dr. Svoboda & Paula Crossfield illuminate how to find and interpret omens, discussing how to use our attention & intention to open an intuitive communication with nature.

Dr. Svoboda & Paula Crossfield illuminate ways that we can interpret omens and open an intuitive communication with nature.

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Omens, Divination & The Future

Describing the human-condition yearning of wanting to have a grasp on the future, Dr. Svoboda and Paula Crossfield discuss ways humans have attempted and performed divination over the years, spanning from more contemporary practices of astrology and palmistry, back to the more ancient, fundamental practice of looking for an omen. Exploring it’s etymology, Dr. Svoboda defines an omen as an event that is interpretable in the context of divination – of attempting to understand what is happening or what may happen.

“An omen is not the cause of an event. It’s something that’s happening at the time the event is happening that helps us understand the implications.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Communicating with Nature: Attention & Intention (6:04)

Is it best to become learned in studying omens in an objective sense? Or is it more auspicious to base our interpretations off of our internal feelings? Dr. Svoboda explains how omens are best dealt with on a personal, intuitive level, rather than through books, due to the inherently subjective nature of each of our relationships with the universe. From this perspective of dialogue with nature, he gives advice on opening personal communication with the universe through imbibing earnest intention and appropriate attention.

“Find something meaningful to you that represents nature, and use that thing to focus your attention and intention so that the thing can act as a conduit through which the information can come. Then, be patient. Omens are all about paying attention.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Honing Our Intuition, & Vedic Astrology (18:16)

Relating the key omen-harvesting ingredients of intention and attention back to the process of honing our intuition, Dr. Svoboda describes how in our preverbal past, our ancestors would ‘think’ using emotion and intuition – literally trusting their gut to provide information on the environment. Through this lens of interpretation, Dr. Svoboda indulges Paula by sharing a remarkable omen story he experienced in Benares, India, before discussing omens in relation to Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, and fate.

“Always be very respectful towards nature, and request her not only to send you the message, but to assist you to interpret it properly, and for you to use it in a way that will not only benefit you, but will benefit her in some way.” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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Dr. Svoboda & Paula Crossfield illuminate how to find and interpret omens, discussing how to use our attention & intention to open an intuitive communication with nature.


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