JoAnna Hardy

JoAnna Hardy – BHNN Guest Podcast Contributor

JoAnna Hardy is an insight meditation (Vipassanā) practitioner and teacher; Founding member of the Meditation Coalition and a teacher’s council member at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, visiting retreat teacher at Insight Meditation Society, Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center and collaborator on many online meditation programs.

She was born into a Catholic family and has early memories of being drawn toward contemplation, quietness and inner reflection. All the while externally rebelling and pushing up against societal norms that keep many others oppressed, marginalized and excluded. To help lessen her suffering, JoAnna went on a search for some kind of peace. For years at a time, she visited many different spiritual traditions. Eventually finding her home in Buddhism and Vipassanā meditation.

JoAnna teaches; silent meditation retreats, social justice based meditation classes and workshops, youth work, online courses and work with private students. Her greatest passion is to teach meditation in communities that are dedicated to seeing the truth of how racism, gender inequality and oppression go hand in hand with the compassionate action teachings in Buddhism and related perspectives to social and racial justice.

Learn more about JoAnna and her offerings at joannahardy.org.

Find more dharma talks from JoAnna as well as teachers like Spring Washam, Ajahn Chah, Tara Brach and many more at dharmaseed.org. Dharma Seed is a volunteer-run online resource dedicated to making the Buddhist teachings of Insight Meditation and associated practices available to all, learn more: About Dharma Seed
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