Spring Washam – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 53 – The Mother of the Buddhas

In this dharma talk, Spring Washam explores the Prajnaparamita, also known as the mother of the Buddhas, and why it’s so important to establish self-compassion.

The Mother of the Buddhas

Spring explores the teachings of the Prajnaparamita, also known as the mother of the Buddhas, which are about the perfected way of seeing the nature of reality. The nature of reality is full, yet also empty. She talks about how feminine these teachings are, and why they’re about the play of light and dark, embracing the shadow and the light as one. 

“It’s the mother of the Buddhas, these teachings. It gives birth to enlightened consciousness, this view.” – Spring Washam

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Empty of Ego (10:33)

Spring backs up a step to explain the two truths of reality – conventional and ultimate – and why we need to find balance between the two. She talks about the connection between the Prajnaparamita and emptiness, and how it can help turn down the volume of the constant egocentric thoughts flowing through our minds. Eventually we remember our own vastness, and how we are like the stars themselves.

“Prajnaparamita is pointing to this wisdom that’s beyond, and it incorporates the emptiness.” – Spring Washam

Establishing Self-Compassion (25:13)

How is the Prajnaparamita connected to compassion? Spring examines how self-compassion has to be established first before we are able to be truly compassionate to others. She talks about meeting suffering with compassion, and how suffering actually helps generate compassion. She ends with a reminder to listen with the heart, not the mind.

“Instead of hating ourselves for feeling vulnerable, we open to it with care.” – Spring Washam

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