RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 44 – Compassion Is Not An Emotion

compassion is not an emotion

On this episode of Healing at the Edge, RamDev talks about how compassion is not an emotion, but a state of being; it is keeping an open heart amidst suffering.

Compassion Is Not An Emotion

Is it possible to have compassion for all aspects of ourselves? RamDev explores our cultural misconceptions around the concept of compassion. He talks about how compassion, and a lack of compassion, can cause us to get stuck in our spiritual practices. He covers the defining qualities of compassion, including spaciousness and connectedness.

“Compassion literally means to suffer together. It doesn’t mean I’m going to have compassion for you.” – RamDev

Addicted to Suffering (17:26)

RamDev talks about the relationship between suffering, attachment, and compassion, and having the right balance between faith and fear. He explores how easy it is to be addicted to our own suffering, and why it’s so important to have a relationship with death.

“Having this relationship with death and an inner contemplative practice, in my humble opinion, is the best practice for this very confusing age in which we live.” – RamDev

Cultivating Compassion (24:47)

RamDev takes questions around compassion and practice. He talks about cultivating compassion for self by working with unpleasant sensations, the healing path of awakening compassion, and how one of the main impediments to compassion is judgment. He ends the show with a reminder to have compassion for ourselves.

“Awakening compassion is really part of a healing process, a healing path. The first step in healing is you have to be aware, you have to be present for what needs to be healed.” – RamDev

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compassion is not an emotion


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