Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour – Ep. 226 – Dan Harris, Finding Your Way

For episode 226 of the Metta Hour, we’re bringing you an episode from the Ten Percent Happier Podcast in which Dan Harris interviews Sharon about her brand new book, “Finding Your Way.”

Dan Harris is a former ABC News anchor who, after reporting all over the world, experienced an on-air panic attack while hosting Good Morning America. Despite initial misgivings, he turned to meditation and changed his life for the better. He is the author of the book “10% Happier,” a #1 New York Times bestseller, and the Ten Percent Happier podcast host.

In this conversation, Sharon and Dan discuss:

• The impetus for Sharon’s new book

• What Sharon means by “an authentic life”

• Learning to be your own BFF

• How the notion of self-love squares with the Buddhist notion of emptiness

• Why it can be harder to receive love and help than to give it

You can get a copy of “Finding Your Way” in hardcover or ebook formats at our website. To hear more episode of the Ten Percent Happier Podcast or App, visit their website.
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