Sharon Salzberg Metta Hour – Ep. 01 – The Buddha Within


Did you know there is a Buddha within us all? Sharon Salzberg touches on the concept of the Buddha as a human being, who had real questions, much like our own. What he discovered was found through the power of his own awareness, and through his teachings we too can uncover our own innate compassion. Retreat provides a rare opportunity to break from the fragmented nature of day-to-day, and allows us to settle back into the truths of our own lives. Through the process of concentration we begin to piece together the energy required for self-actualizing our own capacity toward freedom.

“When the Buddha is talking about happiness, its not happiness like “happy go lucky”. Or only having pleasant experience and then being overcome when things go awry. It means to be something more steadfast. Not tight but resilient and open and spacious. That was the Buddha’s quest in effect. To find that kind of happiness or peace. Whatever he discovered, he discovers through the powers of his own awareness. So can we, whatever our personal question might be. You could almost say the whole of the Buddhist teaching is centered around that possibility. That within us  there is this huge capacity for openness, for spaciousness, for being unconfined, for being free. There are tools for actualizing that. For making it real for each one of us.”- Sharon Salzberg

For more on the topic of awareness and the Buddha within, check out Jack Kornfield’s talk “Gates of Awakening

Photo via Flickr