Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 287 – The Doorway to Compassion w/ Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield & Joseph Goldstein 

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 287 - The Doorway to Compassion w/ Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield & Joseph Goldstein 

Raghu Markus is joined live on stage by Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, and Joseph Goldstein!

In this episode of the Mindrolling Podcast, Raghu and his guests discuss what set them on the spiritual path early in life and explore the link between generosity, compassion and the spiritual awakening. Our group of Buddhist teachers closes the show with a unique round-robin meditation session. This episode was recorded live from the 2018 Open Your Heart In Paradise retreat with Ram Dass and friends. Sign up for upcoming retreats here: Ram Dass Events

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The Search Inside

Our group of guests discusses the motivating factors that led them towards mindfulness and meditation practice.

“When I was a young kid, I had this terrible temper. Somewhere around eleven I had an explosive outburst, but something happened at that moment, it was my first internal meditation instruction. I remember saying to myself, ‘Joey, count to ten. Just count to ten before exploding.’ Amazingly it worked, just to create space between the impulse and the action. It was my first glimpse of the possibility that I could work with my mind.” – Joseph Goldstein

Bhakti Buddhas (22:45)

Raghu’s guests talk about their unique relationship, as Buddhists, with the Bhakti community. They talk about what attracted them to their Bhakti brothers and sisters in the first place.

“Whatever devotion you might feel in the Hindu tradition – which is magnificent – there is an equivalent to that devotion in the Buddhist world.” – Jack Kornfield   

The Doorway to Compassion (34:15)

The group examines the importance of generosity in a person’s spiritual awakening. They share stories around practicing generosity and the doorway to compassion it provides us.

“The cultivation of generosity is the beginning of spiritual awakening. It is the beginning of the path. When the Buddha taught, he began with generosity.” – Raghu Markus

The Skill Set for Generosity (59:45)

What can we do to cultivate the skill set for generosity? The group looks at how mindfulness practice can cultivate love and generosity for the good of all beings.

“Part of the skill set for generosity is accepting that people are the way that they are. It doesn’t mean we enjoy it, including in ourselves.” – Sharon Salzberg 

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