Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 233 – The Optimum Time for Spiritual Growth

In this radio interview from 1985, Ram Dass touches on identity, the purpose of meditation on the path to enlightenment, working with death as a path to spiritual growth, and much more.

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“In a way, I’m finding it much more interesting to remain spiritually conscious in the 80s… Like we’re much closer to facing in the daily news the issue of our potential death. And that is a major cultural vehicle for awakening. The confrontation with death is one of the – as Castaneda says, keeping death on your left shoulder – it is the vehicle that helps you awaken the most. And that’s what we’re confronted with much more now. So it seems like the optimum time for spiritual growth to me.” – Ram Dass

In this 1985 interview from “The Questline” radio show, Ram Dass explores:
  • Not clinging to identity and how to deal with shifts in consciousness
  • The role and purpose of meditation on the path to enlightenment
  • Astral planes, psychedelic drugs, and the spiritual heart
  • Working with death and dying, and why he found the 1980s to be a much more optimum time for spiritual growth than the 1960s
  • Different levels of awakening, and walking the path of service

“The quieter I get, the more intimate I am with my guru or with Buddha or with Christ.” – Ram Dass

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