Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 153 – Devotional Tantra and the Divine Mother

devotional tantra

In this unique dharma talk from 1976, Ram Dass explores the practice of devotional tantra, which is about seeing the world as the Divine Mother Kali and feeding her with your impurities. 

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Feeding Kali via Devotional Tantra

What is devotional tantra? Ram Dass describes the practice of seeing the world as the Divine Mother, and how you can use every experience in life as a vehicle for awakening. He talks about how everything you see in the world is a reflection of your clinging, but you can feed all of that karma to Kali.

“She just keeps eating your karma, that’s what Kali does. She just keeps consuming your impurities.” – Ram Dass

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Pure Shakti (23:00)

Ram Dass reflects on how all of life is the Mother, and you consume the Mother through your love. The Mother is pure shakti, pure energy, that is the fuel for you to go from form to formless.

“When you see what the game is, you are being fed by the Mother, and everything in the universe becomes food for you.” – Ram Dass

Dealing with Suffering and Anger (34:34)

Ram Dass talks about his work with death and dying, and how it’s essential to balance seeing the natural perfection of suffering with keeping your heart open to human suffering. And when it comes to anger, remember that you can feed it all to the Mother.

“You know why you get angry? You get angry because something in the world isn’t harmonious with how you think it ought to be. That’s all you get angry for.” – Ram Dass



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