Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 312 – Essential Practices Pt. 1

essential practices

Raghu shares a collection of essential practices, specially curated from conversations with some of his most beloved teachers, to help us navigate our daily lives and create a sense of balance in a chaotic world.

This episode of Mindrolling is a compilation of Raghu’s conversations with some of the many wonderful teachers who have appeared on the show over the years. These essential practices are meant to help us deal with anger, fear, and anxiety, integrate mindfulness into daily life, and break the identification with our egos. 

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Joseph Goldstein on Not Wanting

Raghu speaks with Insight Hour podcast host Joseph Goldstein about moving away from self-centeredness, the practice of not wanting, and how we are constantly dreaming ourselves into existence.

“It’s powerful to even have moments of this not wanting. We don’t have to think of it as some far off aspiration.” – Joseph Goldstein

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Trudy Goodman on Integrating Practice with Daily Life (20:45)

Raghu and BHNN Guest Podcast contributor Trudy Goodman discuss how we can find the time and energy for spiritual practice amidst the chaos of everyday life.

“[Practice] is a slice of life for self-care, but it’s not different or separate from the rest of our life any more than eating a meal is different and separate from getting ready for bed. It’s the same consciousness throughout all of these activities.” – Trudy Goodman

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Loch Kelly on Minding the Gap (27:55)

Raghu talks with BHNN Guest Podcast contributor Loch Kelly about his effortless mindfulness meditation and the practice of minding the gap, which is about finding the spaces in between your thoughts. 

“If you go there through the gap, what you’re doing is your deemphasizing thought as the method.” – Loch Kelly

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Roshi Joan Halifx on Encountering Fear (32:20)

Raghu asks for advice from BHNN Guest Podcast contributor Roshi Joan Halifax on how to deal with fear and cultivate courage.

“One of those has been to develop attentional balance, to really be able to bring my attention into a place of stability and have it be very grounded and inclusive. That is one kind of mind training.” – Roshi Joan Halifax

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Jack Kornfield on Dealing with Disturbing Emotions (34:45)

Raghu talks with Heart Wisdom podcast host Jack Kornfield about dealing with the fear, anxiety, and polarization brought about by the state of politics in America. He explores different methods of dealing with these disturbing and troubling emotions, including creating a meditative safe space.

“We don’t want to take the anxiety of the culture, and the terror and the fear that the political world is fermenting, into our hearts.” – Jack Kornfield

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Sharon Salzberg on Anger and Fear (49:00)

Raghu and Metta Hour podcast host Sharon Salzberg tackle the issue of anger and the underlying fear that goes with it. Through practice we can build up the confidence to deal with anger in everyday situations.

“If we could have something like a wave of rage come through us like the weather, and not lash out, or at least give it some time, then that’s a hugely successful outcome.” – Sharon Salzberg

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Check back soon for part 2 of Mindrolling’s Essential Practices!

essential practices

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