Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 435 – Science & Spirituality

In this special anthology episode of the Mindrolling podcast, Raghu explores the brimming intersection of science and spirituality with an assortment of wise and insightful friends.

In this special anthology episode of the Mindrolling podcast, Raghu explores the brimming intersection of science and spirituality with an assortment of wise and insightful friends.

We are excited to introduce a special anthology episode peering into how the topics of science and spirituality connect in our modern age, sourcing hand-selected clips from previous Mindrolling podcasts with David Silver, Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb, Dr. Bruce Damer, Lisa Broderick, and Dennis Mckenna.

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Quantum Entanglement w/ David Silver (3:00)

In our first clip, sourced from Ep. 88 – Quantum, Siddhas, Selflessness, OG Mindrollers, David Silver and Raghu, explore the science behind Quantum Entanglement in relation to the miracles surrounding Siddhas like Neem Karoli Baba, and the synchronicities in our everyday lives.

“How many times have you experienced thinking about someone who you haven’t thought about for ages, you think of them and they call within hours? It happened to me this week… The chances of that happening by so-called coincidence are slight.” – David Silver

Empathy & A.I. w/ Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb (12:30)

In this clip from Ep. 393 – Empathy & A.I., Google Empathy Lab’s, Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb, describes the processes of merging Ram Dass’ compassion and love with cutting edge A.I. technology; before discussing the nuances of translating heart teachings for scientific minds.

“You get to this place where it isn’t just products, it isn’t just artificial intelligence  it’s presences. We’re literally designing these beings, these ambient, invisible, intangible beings that can’t help but hit the deeper, invisible, intangible parts of ourselves.” – Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb

“The journey outside of the space you know is the one that will take you to the place you really want to go.” – Ananda Danielle Krettek Cobb

Lifting & Gifting w/ Dr. Bruce Damer (25:30)

In this clip from Ep. 325 – Lifting and Gifting, scientist, space mission designer, and cyberspace pioneer, Dr. Bruce Damer, uncovers his new findings surrounding the origins of life and consciousness; trading the separation myth of “survival of the fittest,” for the “lifting and gifting” of community, cooperation, and collaboration.

Where this ties into Ram Dass’ teachings is that, in fact, science may be on the verge of showing that the deepest common ancestor of all life was a community in collaboration, not individuals in competition. It’s breathtaking.” – Dr. Bruce Damer

The Observer Effect w/ Lisa Broderick (38:30)

In this clip from Ep. 419 – All the Time in the World, Lisa Broderick and Raghu explore time, change, perception and awareness through the lens of quantum mechanics and mindfulness; illuminating how science’s ‘Observer Effect’ connects to Ram Dass’ practices of ‘Loving Awareness’ and the ‘Witness.’

“Ram Dass in the last years of his life encouraged everyone to move from the perspective of mind and down into the center of one’s being from the perspective of loving awareness. No judgement; just completely enveloping everything you encounter in that wonderful, refreshing change of perspective to embracing rather than pushing away. To me, that is exactly what they’re talking about with the Observer Effect.” – Raghu Markus

The Miracle is the Mystery w/ Dennis McKenna (49:00)

In our final clip, stemming from Episode 51 of Mindrolling, Raghu and David Silver speak with ethnopharmacologist, Dennis McKenna, about his brother Terence, psychedelics and curiosity, the relationship between science and mysticism, our brain’s models of reality, what Ram Dass means by ‘be here now,’ and how the miracle is in the mystery.

“Terence was more of a skeptic of science, and I practiced science, but I never necessarily just bought into it, because actually it’s the job of a scientist to question everything, and also to have curiosity. Curiosity should be what drives science.” – Dennis McKenna

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