Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 419 – All the Time in the World w/ Lisa Broderick

Lisa Broderick joins Raghu to offer you all the time in the world, illuminating the science and spirituality of how we can transform our daily lives by learning how to slow down time.

Lisa Broderick joins Raghu to offer you all the time in the world, illuminating the science and spirituality of how we can transform our daily lives by learning how to slow down time.

Lisa Broderick is an accomplished senior executive whose career has been defined by understanding how technology impacts society and changes behavior. She is also someone who experiences and studies the world in terms of data, best practices and quantum science. Lisa teaches that life is about constant change, in which energy and matter are the basis of transformation. Now, her groundbreaking new book, All the Time in the World, reveals how new scientific literature is revolutionizing our understanding of what time is and, more importantly, how we can affect it. More info at AllTheTimeBook.com

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Presence & Projection // Slowing Down Time

Welcoming Lisa Broderick to Mindrolling to discuss her new book, All the Time in the World: Learn to Control Your Experience of Time to Live a Life Without LimitationsRaghu invites her to share what early catalysts brought her to realize there was something beyond our limited projections of reality. Relaying a harrowing near death experience at the age of four that informed her about life, death, & presence; Lisa shares how she cultivated the ability to slow down time.

“My theory is, this isn’t just a fluke or an illusion, it’s a brainwave state that we can achieve, and it’s related to meditation.” – Lisa Broderick

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Transcendental Meditation // Science, Spirituality, & Service (8:01)

Opening to applicable wisdom through books such as, The Tao of Physics, which affirmed her special new relationship with time, Lisa explains how finding the practice of Transcendental Meditation was like ‘diving into a pool of cool water, refreshing and startling at the same time.’ Through this lens, they explore how we can transform our day to day lives through the intersection of science, spirituality, time, change, mindfulness, the observer effect, showing up, “the movie of me,” being here now, and service.

“Once you start to do the practices, you start to create a space that allows for—in terms of time, you are not doing this immediate knee-jerk reaction to everything that approaches you, all phenomenon.” – Raghu Markus

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Time Keeps on Slipping // Imagination, Manifestation, & Magical Thinking (27:07)

Elucidating ‘selective attention,’ Lisa and Raghu offer insight into integrating ‘time slips’ – out of the ordinary occurrences of consciousness. Describing how our ability to process these is based off of our personal relationship with intuition and truth, they illuminate the unseen, the unknown, and the ineffable. From here, they explore manifestation, imagination, and inner-alchemy through combining quantum science with meditative presence and focused magical thinking.

“To return to magical thinking is the secret of living a purposeful life. Does how we show up in our minds to a situation impact our experience of physical reality in a particular time? That’s magical thinking that you could even do that. Quantum mechanics would say that you can because that is the observer effect in essence—the observer observing the phenomenon, and it changing as a result. Let’s all show up into a phenomenon and change the result. It’s magical thinking to think that you might, but it’s supported by science to think that you can. The real trick is how you put the two together.” – Lisa Broderick

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Guided Meditation Manifestation Exercise (46:26)

Invited by Raghu, Lisa closes the podcast by leading a guided meditation manifestation exercise from the space of no-time.


Image via Cristina Conti