Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 392 – We’re All Still Here with Krishna Das, Daniel Goleman, & Rameshwar Das

In this virtual journey through 1970s India, Raghu, Krishna Das, Daniel Goleman, and Rameshwar Das compare roadmaps and share stories of Ram Dass, LSD, Maharajji, and miracles.

In this virtual journey through 1970s India, Raghu, Krishna Das, Daniel Goleman, and Rameshwar Das compare roadmaps and share stories of Ram Dass, LSD, Maharajji, and miracles.

Joining together to help percolate memories and recollections as sustainable fuel for Daniel Goleman’s anticipated memoir; Krishna Das, Rameshwar Das, and Daniel join Raghu in this special episode of Mindrolling, outlining their journey to India with Ram Dass in the 1970s, and the life-changing time spent with their mystical guru Neem Karoli Baba, Maharajji. Sharing stories, Lilas, darshans, wisdom, jokes, and revelries from years of steeping together as Satsang – it’s nice to have ‘the band back together.’

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The Big However: Ram Dass, KK Sah, & Maharajji

Sharing what sparked this special occasion, Daniel Goleman relays his exciting need to ‘research raw materials’ for his upcoming memoir highlighting his monumental life merging the cutting edges of science and spirituality. Sharing the story of the catalytic, mystical, and synchronistic night he met Ram Dass; Daniel inspires Krishna Das to read the literally ‘Satsang-forming’ letter from KK Sah – mindfully attended to and worded so Ram Dass’ students could have Maharajji’s darshan in India in the early 1970s.

“I hope Ram Dass must have told you about Sri Maharajji, who does not show any kind of enthusiasm or sentiment in calling the devotees to him. And personalities like him would not commit themselves to anything. So it would not be advisable to make the journey especially and specifically for this purpose only. However, if you happen to be visiting India and come here, you can have his darshan, as so many do day in and day out.” – KK Sah

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Satsang Stories: Comparing Maps of India (11:08)

Prompted by a spontaneous photo slideshow from Ramesh showcasing their trip to India to find Maharajji in the early 1970s, the group recalls stories and quirky specifics from their metamorphic journey East. After speaking to the rare and stunning footage of them with Maharajji from the movie Sunseed, they compare maps of miracles and lessons from their shared spiritual adventures ‘in the bus’ and ‘on the road’ in India.

“[Maharajji] actually timed it to arrive at the moment of greatest despair, when we were going to leave into the unknown. We didn’t know where he was, where we were going to find him. He actually timed it. It’s impossible to believe it. I mean, okay that he can do that, but why would he do that?” – Krishna Das

“The whole thing of all the arguing about it, ‘Should we?’ ‘Shouldn’t’ we?’ It was already done. It happened already. Lunch was already prepared. We just had to show up and eat it.” – Krishna Das

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Yogi Medicine: LSD & Maharajji, Ram Dass & The Stroke (32:32)

Recounting the infamous, potent, and hilarious story of a somewhat-skeptical Ram Dass feeding Maharajji acid for the second time; Raghu, Ramesh, Daniel, and Krishna Das speak to the spiritual lesson encased in the outcome of this peculiar science experiment turned practical-joke and Lila. After sharing memories from the “Nainital High” time – staying at the Evelyn Hotel and traveling for daily darshans in Kainchi; they fast-forward to personal experiences and wisdom learned from Ram Dass’ handling of his stroke.

“[Ram Dass] said very slowly, ‘The doctors think consciousness is in the brain, but my consciousness hasn’t been affected by what happened to my brain.’ He was actually thinking really clearly.” – Daniel Goleman

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