Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 196 – No Time Like The Present with Jack Kornfield

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Jack Kornfield joins the Mindrolling podcast to talk about trust, freedom from troubled emotions, and Jack’s newest book “No Time Like The Present.”

Raghu shares excerpts from  “No Time Like The Present,” and the two discuss the uncertain times we find ourselves in as well as how loving-awareness practice can see us through them.

Show Notes

A Time of Listening (Opening) – Jack gives his reaction to the uncertain times our society finds itself in today. He discusses the importance of mindfulness and moving in the direction of practicing compassion.

“People think that being mindful is just being able to notice what is happening, but that is only the first half of mindfulness. The second half is a mindful response.”

Becoming the Vessels of Peace (13:00) – There are ways to stand up and do what is right from a place of greater presence and spacious heart. Jack discusses the role of loving-awareness, also known as mindfulness, in bringing us to a place of greater presence.

“Loving-awareness is to tend your life with awareness and to shift your identity from the judging mind and small sense of self to the place of the heart that is compassionate and vast.”

Dante’s Devotion (24:30) – Jack re-tells the story of Dante Alighieri and the eternal love he held for his beloved Beatrice. He explains how a single moment of love resonated across the centuries and survives to this day.

“We don’t want to minimize the effect of even a moment’s deep touching of the love that makes the universe turn.”

Trust (29:45) – In his new book, “No Time Like the Present,” Jack addresses the connection between trust and love. He and Raghu talk about the various kinds and qualities of trust.

“Somehow there is also some deeper trust that inhabits the cells of your body and being that you are part of the stream of life itself.”

Freedom From Troubled Emotions (43:00) – By giving space to our troubled emotions, loving-awareness becomes the witness to them. Jack discusses identifying and addressing our troubled emotions.

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