Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 222 – Crashing with Pete Holmes and Duncan Trussell

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 222 – Crashing with Pete Holmes and Duncan Trussell

Comedians Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes return to the podcast for a conversation around trust and what happens when the world as we know it comes crashing down around us.

Be sure to catch the second season premiere of Crashing, created by Pete Holmes, Sunday, Jan. 14 on HBO.

Show Notes

The Inconvenience of a Miricle (Opening) – The group talks about putting belief in Gurus and the miracles that happen around them. Pete and Duncan talk about the way miraculous individuals can shape our perception of things, which is not always convenient for our ego’s worldview.

 “When I say to you that I have seen a sasquatch, on a day-to-day basis with Maharaj-ji, it’s because that’s exactly what happened. Every day, shit happened that you could not compute; the mind absolutely could not compute it.” – Raghu    

Leaving the Party (13:25) – Duncan reflects on the impact that the death of a great teacher has on those who have been affected by their grace. Raghu shares what life was like when Maharaj-ji died and how that informed his ability to process the reality of the impermanence of death.

“These beings are just giving themselves to the world. They are incredibly sweet, they are your friend who you may have never met and they are going to die. So now suddenly you have a whole other thing to deal with.” – Duncan

Crashing and Recovery (22:00) – Pete talks about the experience of having a crisis of faith early in adult life, which is further explored in the series Crashing, and what the journey of regaining that faith has been like.

“Duncan you were the first person who said they loved Jesus to me in a way that was completely unembarrassed and passionate. It wasn’t just towing a line or belonging to a group. This was a guy who wasn’t expected to, in fact was expected not to, and still loved Christ. It was like the door was cracking open ever so slightly back to those icons of my youth.” – Pete    

A Question of Trust (50:35) – The group talks about the role that trust plays in their lives. Pete shares the quality of the trust he has begun to have about his place in the grander scheme of the universe.

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