Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 214 – Trust in the Heart with Krishna Das

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 214 - Trust in the Heart with Krishna Das

Fresh from their retreat in India, Krishna Das returns to the podcast for a conversation around finding trust in the heart with the grace of the Guru.

Show Notes

Back to Basics (Opening) – Krishna Das talks about putting together his latest album, Trust in the Heart. To find out where to get Trust in the Heart – CLICK HERE

“I just wanted it to be simple and straightforward, to do it without any special effects or anything. I think it really reflects that. It definitely has a deep feel to it, which is kind of a process that I keep going through of getting deeper and deeper.” – Krishna Das

Om Namoh Gurudev (4:40) – On Trust in the Heart KD invokes the presence of Maharaj-ji on the track “Namoh.” KD talks about the choice to include his Guru’s name in the mantra and gets real about what Maharaj-ji means to him.

“Opening your heart exposes you in a kind of way to be evaluated and judged. It is the simplest thing, the most basic trusting place in my heart. All I have in this world is Maharaj-ji. I don’t know anything; I can’t do anything; I can’t concentrate; all I have is him.” – Krishna Das

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Trust in the Heart (16:45) –  Krishna Das reflects on the importance of trust in the direction that our heart pulls us. He talks about how chanting moves us more deeply into ourselves, where we can let go of attachments and nurture trust in the heart. Raghu and KD talk about the role that the Guru plays in cultivating trust in ourselves.

“The whole thing about so called spiritual life is to look within. The idea is that lasting happiness can only come from us entering into our own true nature, what’s really within us. If we don’t trust our own self, even on a superficial level, how are we going to even find that doorway into ourselves?” – Krishna Das

The Mountain Yogi (25:40) – We hear about a documentary The Mountain Yogi that Krishna Das recently shared with Raghu. They discuss the documentary’s subject, Pooye Lama Gomchen Milarepa, as well as the importance of living a humble life. This leads to stories about extraordinary experiences KD, Raghu and others have had with another humble yogi, Neem Karoli Baba.

Finding Insight in India (42:50) – KD and Raghu reflect on the impact that their most recent trip to India has had on their day to day perception and appreciation of life.

“We take so much for granted. So much of our suffering, even at our age, is all in our minds. We are so ungrateful for all the good things in our lives. Blind to all the beauty and love that is available, it is astounding.” – Krishna Das

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