Lama Surya Das – Ep. 44 – The Scientific Method of Enlightenment


On this episode of Awakening Now, Lama Surya Das discusses the scientific method of Enlightenment and realizing our own Buddha nature through mindful awareness.

The archetypal enlightenment experience, represented by Buddha as a symbol, is one that we also can have by reproducing his methods. Lama Surya Das gives a fresh perspective to approaching the Eightfold Path by teaching us the scientific approach to enlightenment.

Show Notes

Buddhas by Nature (Opening) – How do we find Buddha’s experience of enlightenment for ourselves? Lama Surya Das talks about looking at the Eightfold Path as an experiment that we are trying to replicate the results of. He discusses the Buddha nature found in each of us and encourages us to become Buddhas, not just Buddhists.

“The Buddha’s teaching was very scientific. He said, ’If you reproduce this experiment of the Eightfold Path, you can replicate the same results in yourself.’ Is that not the essence of the scientific method? Not needing any beliefs, cosmology, creed, or dogma.”   

Out of the Shadows (06:30) – Our most authentic self is a beautiful thing in its natural state. But how can we see this with our current perspective? Lama Surya Das shares wisdom on how to recognize the natural state of being when our perspective is obscured by greed, hatred, and delusion.

“The shadows are nothing but light. We are not all bad, and if we get to know ourselves better we might learn to appreciate ourselves better.”

Awareness with a Capital A (15:10) – Mindful awareness is one of the most powerful forces out there. Lama Surya Das talks about cultivating awareness and why it is so important in our lives; giving practices focused on cultivating awareness.

“Awareness is the active ingredient. That is why I think that meditation and yoga are so popular in this country today. These are the active transformative practices; meditation, mindfulness, yoga and the Samadhi that comes with it that people are getting a lot out of it.”

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Photo via Buddha Weekly