Krishna Das – Ep. 89 – Back to the Breath

Krishna Das – Ep. 89 – Back to the Breath

Krishna Das talks about the importance of knowing the meaning of the words in a chant, the connection between Maharajji and Christ, and how we can always go back to the breath.

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Back to the Breath

Krishna Das answers a question about whether it’s important to know the meaning of the words in a chant. It’s not the meaning of the chant that’s important, what’s important is using the chant to stay connected with the present moment. He also talks about using the breath as an anchor to the present. Because it’s always there, we can always go back to the breath.

“Some of the chants have meanings, like gospel songs have meanings, and some of the chants are mantras. Mantras don’t necessarily mean something, conceptually, directly, but the sounds have a power and a magnetism in them.” – Krishna Das

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Will and Grace (11:45)

Krishna Das answers questions about reconceptualizing the word fight, grace versus will, and the grace of surrender. He talks about not doing things half-assed, that we need will to be able to manifest in this world. Krishna Das fails in his attempt to keep his language clean.

Maharajji and Christ (22:30)

Was Maharajji an incarnation of Jesus Christ? Krishna Das talks about how all that really doesn’t matter, it’s just a storyline we’re applying to all these great beings. He ends with a note about the difference between grace and simply saving one’s own ass.

“The point is, we’re looking at this stuff from our perspective of separateness and ego. So if we say, this person is Christ, that means this little bubble is the same as that little bubble.” – Krishna Das

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