Krishna Das – Ep. 66 – The Mirror of the Heart

Krishna Das - Ep. 66 - Cleaning the Mirror of the Heart

Krishna Das shares a reflection on the necessity of cleaning the mirror of the heart with spiritual practice.

Show Notes

The Mirror of the Heart (Opening) – How are our experiences shaped by our identification and attachments? Krishna Das talks about the surrender that is necessary to polish the mirror of the heart and release ourselves from suffering.

“What we experience is ran by our ‘stuff’ – who we think we are, the stuff we like, the stuff we don’t like, the things that happen to us in life and everything that didn’t. Everything that makes me ‘me’ is what is having these experiences, that ‘me’ is what spiritual practice begins to dissolve so that gradually the subjective bubble that we are imprisoned in begins to melt away. When Maharaj-ji would say, ‘All One’ what he is pointing to is the place where the bubble is broken and you don’t think you are that person anymore. You experience yourself in a different way. You don’t disappear but you think of yourself in a much different way.” – Krishna Das  

Surrender into Love (10:35) – There is a non-personal form of love that is more intimate even than the love between two people. KD talks about the path to entering into this kind of love that requires a gradual letting go of our attachments.

“With non-personal love there is no me and you, it is like an atmosphere – you are in it. That’s a deeper place within us and when we let go of the stuff we are clinging to we move deeper into that place within us, but that takes practice.” – Krishna Das  

Fullness Through the Name (21:40) – Krishna Das reflects on the power of mantra practice and shares from his own experience how difficult it can be to cultivate the discipline to follow through with a practice that is so simple.

“Maharaj-ji said over and over, from repeating these names everything is brought to completion and fullness.” – Krishna Das   

How We Live (28:15) – Why is spiritual ripening and being present so important? Krishna Das shares a dialog with an audience member about why we practice and how dharmic practice calms the waves of our karma, a change which reverberates and allows us to effect positive change in the world around us.

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Krishna Das - Ep. 66 - Cleaning the Mirror of the Heart

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Images via Krishna Das and by Noah Buscher on Unsplash