Krishna Das – Ep. 64 – Ripening on the Spiritual Path

Krishna Das - Ep. 64 - Ripening on the Spiritual Path

Lama Surya Das joins Krishna Das and the two discuss questions about the ripening of karma and mindfulness along the spiritual path.

Show Notes

The Gentle Wind of Mindfulness (Opening) – Krishna Das and Lama Surya Das reflect on the slow but steady ripening of our reactivity and patterns of thought which come as a result of spiritual practice.

The Ripening of Karma (5:45) –Lama Surya Das answers a question around the mechanics of karma. We get the most simple Buddhist perspective on karma and the interconnectedness of our actions.

“There are all kinds of karmas and all kinds of ripenings. Karma really means conditioning or habituation, it’s like a habit – it depends on many conditions. I think this may not be too useful to intellectualize too much. It is hard to understand, except that like produces like, but you should check it out for yourself and see if this is not the case; so that you can have your hand on the steering wheel of your life and not be driving with your eyes in the rearview mirror, wondering why there are all these ‘accidents.” – Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das speaks with Raghu Markus about how we approach reality and karma on Ep. 266 of the Mindrolling Podcast.

Bernie’s Chalisa (8:45) – Krishna Das shares the story behind writing the song “Sri Hanuman Chalisa Gate of Sweet Nectar,” also known as “Bernie’s Chalisa.” He reflects on the parallels between the lessons taught by The Hanuman Chalisa and the invocation of the Gate of Sweet Nectar Prayer sung at the beginning of “Bernie’s Chalisa.”

Calling out to Hungry Hearts

Everywhere through endless time

You who wander, you who thirst

 I offer you this Bodhi Mind.


Calling all you hungry spirits

Everywhere through endless time

Calling all you hungry hearts

All the lost and left behind

Gather round and share this meal

Your joy and sorrow I make it mine.


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