Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 89 – The Commitment to Truthfulness

commitment to truthfulness

Joseph Goldstein shares his insight into different aspects of Right Speech, including the commitment to truthfulness, and refraining from gossip and useless talk.

The Commitment to Truthfulness

Joseph introduces the topic of Right Speech and explores how speech is a powerful force in our lives. He talks about how the most basic aspect of Right Speech is truthfulness. Making the commitment to truthfulness begins to transform our lives and how we use speech.

“Our whole goal in practice, everything we’re doing, is about seeing what is true. That’s what practicing the dharma means.” – Joseph Goldstein

Jack Kornfield explores the need we have for acts of truth on Heart Wisdom Ep. 111
Gossip and Angry Speech (30:23)

Joseph covers the second and third aspects of Right Speech, refraining from gossip and slander, and refraining from angry and abusive speech. He talks about how speech is such a powerful mirror for our minds, and we can learn a lot about ourselves when we pay attention to it.

“It’s really important to be aware of the energy behind our words. How do we feel when we’re on the receiving end of angry energy?” – Joseph Goldstein

Useless Talk and Useful Listening (44:45)

Joseph touches on the implications Right Speech has for how we listen to others. He explores the last aspect of Right Speech, which is refraining from useless talk. Joseph ends with a reminder to not get tight about our speech, but just to have some basic awareness of it.

“It’s not by accident that the Buddha made Right Speech an essential element on the path. This is an arena of practice… It’s a way of cultivating mindfulness throughout our ordinary daily lives.” – Joseph Goldstein

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