Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 111 – Acts of Truth and Timeless Teachings

acts of truth

Jack Kornfield explores the need we have right now for acts of truth, and shares some timeless teachings to help us in this time of pandemic and inequality. 

Acts of Truth

Jack begins with the story of a sick boy in India who can only be healed once his parents step into the realm of truth. He talks about how we have a powerful need for acts of truth right now if we want to help heal society.

“There’s so much needed to build a better world, it has to be on a foundation of truth.” – Jack Kornfield

Joseph Goldstein explores relative truth versus ultimate truth on Insight Hour Ep. 88
Timeless Teachings (6:37)

To help us in this time of pandemic, Jack wants to explore seven teachings from the Indian sage Atisha. The first four teachings are: explore the nature of timeless awareness; don’t be swayed by outer circumstances, they will continue to change; consider all phenomena to be like dreams, appearing and disappearing; and don’t brood over the faults of others.

“So don’t be swayed by outer circumstances. Sometimes the difficulties are the things we need to teach us, and they’re the place that allows us to open our heart.” – Jack Kornfield

Gratefulness and Joy (27:51)

Jack shares the final three teachings from Atisha: be grateful to everyone; rely on a simple mind; and don’t expect a standing ovation. He talks about the feeling of helplessness in the world right now, and how we have to grow in love through this pandemic.

“We’re in this for the long haul, you know. What we need in the long term is wellness and oneness.” – Jack Kornfield




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