Jack Kornfield – Episode 3 – Karma and the Power of Intention

“You say ‘How do I navigate through this complicated life that I have been given?’ One of the most important understandings for navigating is the understanding of karma. Without it, you are like a boat without a rudder. You kind of get pushed and drift around without this understanding.” – Jack Kornfield

On this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack Kornfield looks at the way we consistently create patterns in our lives but often fail to see the cause and effect relationship that unfolds.

One of the most important tools for navigating through our complicated existence is the understanding of Karma. Karma speaks to the way in which we respond to that which comes to us, to the life that we are given. It’s not the action but the intention that is the source of karma. Through meditation, we expose the patterns that we create for ourselves. By tending, to our hearts we discover a deeper motivation for our being. It is from this place that we learn to plant our seeds of intention, and the seeds we plant become how are lives are lived.

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