Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 95 – Poetry in Dharma with Alison Luterman

alison luterman

Poet Alison Luterman joins Jack for a beautiful duet as the two take turns reading poetry and talking about the power of words and creativity.

Alison Luterman is a poet, essayist and playwright. Her books include the poetry collections Desire Zoo, The Largest Possible Life, and See How We Almost Fly, and a collection of essays, Feral City. Learn more about her at alisonluterman.net

Invisible Work

Jack introduces Alison, who starts things off by reading her poems, “Invisible Work” and “Because These Failures Are My Job.” Jack reflects on each poem, and talks about how we need true courage of the heart to face the great mystery that is life.

“The work of my heart is the work of the world’s heart…” – Alison Luterman 

Planting Trees and Pulling Weeds (20:05)

Alison and Jack talk about how much there is to learn from the act of planting trees. Alison reads her poem, “Pulling Weeds,” while Jack discusses the need to wed mindfulness with love and compassion.

“It’s not really about perfecting yourself. If anything, it’s about perfecting your love.” – Jack Kornfield

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Koans, Metaphors, and More (37:57)

Jack reflects on Zen Koans and tells the story of getting very frustrated with a Zen Master. Allison talks about her writing process and how metaphors start springing to life. Finally, Jack and Alison discuss the importance of poetry and creativity, and how it can truly improve your life.

“Does the spiral go from the outside in, or does it go from the inside out?” – Zen Koan

    Alison Luterman

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