Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 87 – Uncovering Life’s Beauty with Poetry & Art


Jack Kornfield reflects on the beauty of life and the true nature of the Self that is revealed through poetry and art.

Show Notes

Acknowledging Beauty in the Mystery (Opening) – Sometimes we have the tendency to look at spiritual and meditative practices as a grim duty that we force ourselves into. Jack offers a reflection on how we can shift our perspective in a way that allows us to find inspiration in the joy and beauty that practice uncovers.

“One of the important qualities of a meditative life, or opening one’s self to a spiritual dimension, is that it is an opening to beauty, an opening to some sense of rhythm and happiness in the world.” – Jack Kornfield

Vehicles of Awakening (8:50) – Jack looks at the vehicles for awakening that art and poetry provide. He shares poetry from spiritual masters that remind us of our true nature and reflects life’s beauty in their verses.

“The fragrance of rose, jasmine and sandalwood can blow only as far as the winds, but the virtue of one who tends the heart wisely spreads to the ends of the Earth.” – Milarepa

Tending with Compassion (25:45) – We look at the deep process of healing that comes with meditative practice. Jack reads from poetry that reflects on the way that we close ourselves off in the wake of suffering and how practice begins to open us back up.

“To the extent that we can tend all of the parts of ourselves, to that extent can we tend the Earth and the community around us.” – Jack Kornfield

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The Child of Spirit (40:30) – The final stage of recognizing our true freedom is awakening the childlike innocence and wonder that comes with a Beginners Mind. Jack closes with a discussion about the final states that meditative practice brings us to.

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