Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 77 – Path of Inner Development

inner development

In this talk, Jack looks at how the path of inner development can help us navigate life’s difficulties.

Show Notes

Inner Development (Opening) – Jack reflects on the difficult and divisive time that the world finds itself in. He looks at the ways that inner development, through mindfulness and meditation practice, can enable us to form solutions to these challenges with compassion and equanimity.

“No matter your political persuasion, these things weigh on our hearts. The divisiveness is so difficult and the solutions are hard to find. They are particularly hard to find when we look outwardly. “- Jack Kornfield

Step Back & Sit With It (10:05) – The path of inner development is not always a pretty picture. Jack looks at how loving awareness allows us to meet our difficulties, on and off the cushion, with respect and understanding. He leads a meditation that works with the mindfulness of breath to steady our attention.

“There comes a shift in identity when you are not lost in each one of these fears because they all tell a story. As you may have noticed, those stories are usually partial, if not completely untrue, and they don’t have your best interest in mind. So, to be able to step back doesn’t mean you are not present, it actually is to be more present – not on automatic.” – Jack Kornfield

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Life’s Breath (30:40) – Jack closes with a reflection on what we can learn from what arises when we observe our breath in meditation.



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