Ethan Nichtern – The Road Home – Ep. 31 – Making a Sustainable Meditation Practice

making a sustainable meditation practice

On this episode of The Road Home, Ethan Nichtern talks about making a sustainable meditation practice and overcoming some of the obstacles that can block your progress.

Making a Sustainable Meditation Practice

How can you set up a meditation practice for long term success? Ethan talks about the keys to making a sustainable practice, including finding your spot, connecting with dharma buddies, and reframing your point of view.

“For most of us, finding people to practice with, or check in with about our practice, is really important.” – Ethan Nichtern

Caging the Wild Thing (10:51)

What exactly are you meditating for? Ethan reflects on how many people are meditating in order to cage the wild thing inside of them. He talks about seeing practice not as some sort of punitive act, but as a way of discovering your inner wisdom. 

“When we’re meditating, we’re basically deepening a connection with a view of ourselves and the world.” – Ethan Nichtern

Four Types of Laziness (24:04)

Ethan shares a classic teaching on overcoming the four types of laziness, or resistance, you might encounter in your practice. He talks about the true meaning of effort, and not getting overwhelmed by a long term commitment. 

“The effort that’s being talked about here is not any kind of superhuman effort, it’s just one moment of cutting through the resistance.” – Ethan Nichtern

JoAnna Hardy explores how effort can create balance in your practice on BHNN Guest Podcast Ep. 46



Images via Olha Darchuk and skorchanov